Thursday, April 12, 2012


we love wigs in this house.
I have to say I did a lot of funny things with wigs
I played sports all through high school, had good grades and dressed crazy and stayed out of trouble
I hung out with whoever I felt like
all different kinds of people
about once a week a few girls and I would drive around town
we would stop at various places like McDonald's, the park, Walmart, grocery stores, the movies, bowling alley, you name it we went there.
the hitch was that we dressed in different attire everytime.
we tried to do themes or crazy vintage/goodwill outfits that we could piece together
I loved patches on all my clothes and bandannas everywhere.
never matched and never cared  what people said or thought
 I was happy and self confident
my parents were fine with what I wore
I never dressed promiscuous or trashy
We try to teach the kids to do the same.
No one ever said you  had to match
just be yourself!