Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Olivia's birthday continued
not sure what happened but she just grew a few inches the last few months
she also grew out of most of the sassiness too..
Olivia is such a wonderful little girl
these 2 have all the same missing front teeth
they are irish twins...
 Olivia's birthday meal of choice was chicken nuggets and frozen fries and chocolate milk
apparently she needed the 49er cushion for her birthday dining experience

homemade reese's peanut butter cake
this was Olivia's choice...
the boys have never gone rollersakting
it was hysterical
i was crying I was laughing so hard
this was so much fun
this little guy decided to dance around the tables most of the time

 this was funny getting them all situated

my hubby was cracking me up
dancing on the rink and all
and Odin never gave up.
he moved away from the wall after about and hour.
he was full of welts and bruises and dripping sweat.
he kept saying to me"why do people keep cutting me off and telling me to watch out"....

watching them do the limbo

it was a great place to go with the kiddos for about 3 hours
i must be and oldie because the music was totally inappropriate for the kids.  
fun to roller skate too
 but I couldn't believe all these little kids signing these club songs and doing actions with it
and not even knowing what they are truly saying..
no more innocence I guess!
I went to rave's in Chicago when I was out of high school but I never listened to this kind of music when I was that age. 
on the way home.....
I think she had fun.
thank you for all the wonderful gifts, cards and prayers
we greatly appreciate it.
Love the Funk's