Tuesday, February 7, 2012

 Bake Sale
(a little late posting)

ok, one of my children accidentally deleted all of my pictures from the sale and a couple days of our random acts of kindness so I apologize about the messiness of it all. 
No more trusting little hands to take pictures...this is the 2nd time!

we had a bunch of cookies, turtles, breads,
funky buns, cupcakes, candy  bar Carmel corn,
 necklaces, hot fudge, earrings, bracelets,
puppy chow, toffee.
God showed up big time.
We decided since he blessed us with so much we gave all the proceeds away to some families that needed some financial help.
Thank you to all of you who came and showed your support.
We couldn't have made it a success without you.
We greatly appreciate it!
We will make this a yearly event.
Thanks to all the donations of the homemade gifts as well!