Wednesday, February 22, 2012

all because of jump rope for heart....

healthy choices seems to be the topic at home these last few days
we have no problem being real with our kids about healthy choices and what is good for your body and what is not. 
(coming from a person who could eat 25 chocolate donuts in a sitting)
i am not talking organic and non organic
i am talking potato chips versus and apple kind of thing
we feed our kids healthy meals and snacks
we love to bake so we make a lot of things
homemade pizza
cookies, bars, biscuits
pancakes, chocolate waffles,
you name it.
we usually deliver some to the neighbors as well
because they never eat it all.
some of their questions have been very interesting
  what is a  serving of cereal?
who made up the food pyramid?
how many carbs did I have today?
am i too big for my age?
why are some people so skinny?
why does bad food taste so kid?
does too much bad food kill you?
should I write down what I eat each day?
seriously...this just breaks my heart.
I don't really talk about this stuff in this context but it was very eye opening.
coming from a mom that had an eating disorder for 6 years this is
very concerning to me.
i want them to know they are loved and made by God for a purpose
not what the world says they should be but what God made them to be.
breaks my heart to hear these kiddos in the hallway talk about how fat people are
 and how cruel kids can really be. 
praying for these littles to know that God loves them just how they are.