Wednesday, January 4, 2012

 In with 2012 and out with 2011

Wow, it has  been one roller coaster ride of a year
can you believe we have started this adoption journey
over 2 years ago.
what an ride that has transformed our whole family in so many ways.
deepening our faith along the way
waiting and hoping to see what this new year brings.

it always feels so good to take the Christmas decorations
and have that fresh clean feeling in the house
the kids kept asking if we could leave the tree up all year
Odin decided that he will do that in his own house when he is older!
we have learned so much this last year and God has been so faithful

God must break you to bless you
when God is taking you ,
all you know is that you were not where you were anymore
he takes you so he can bless you

god has blessed me
not always like I wanted to but he has blessed me in so many ways
When God is blessing you it makes all the taking worthwhile
god, thank you for taken me everywhere I've been.
you don't always see this in the taking stage but you see it in the blessing stage
don't ever be ashamed of the blessing stage
God got you there
but just when you get to that stage and enjoy it a bit

God will brake you
God cannot give bread to the world if any of it hasn't been broken
when god breaks you he has a purpose for it
the only way he can bless you is to break you
God doesn't give away bread that he hasn't broken

whether god was
taking it, blessing it or breaking it, the bread never left his hands
your still in his hands
no matter where you are
he has a purpose
if you just stay in his hands he'll use you
everybody God ever used was broken
God never brings pain without purpose
God here I am
Use my life for your purpose