Thursday, December 15, 2011

 December 13th

we like to visit the assisted living home in our area  about 4 or 5 times a year.
the kiddos love this as well and the residents are so fun to talk to.
the kids always ask so many questions and they learn a little bit more about life each time we visit!
we brought them some goodies and handmade crafts.
it was great to see some of them still had things up in their rooms we have brought them before.
the assisted living facility we visit is beautiful in every way. 
i just have a passion for older people
used to work with them with my mother
and the residents that live there have a special place in my heart
they make me laugh and cry
love to see the joy in their hearts when they see the kiddos and the twinkle they get in their eyes when the kids talk to them and give them hugs
brings them back to their own childhood and their grand kids they have now
oh how I love it...
I am glad I looked in the car mirror before I entered
because Olivia did my hair and she had put a headband on with a huge pink flower, clip earring in my hair, and 2 other floral clips all over my head.
i couldn't believe Dave wasn't going to say anything..

                                                            this is the one we did last year.
                           this one lady had told Dave about the Cross we gave her last year
                                                and she remembered Olivia giving it to her.
               she now has a grand daughter named Olivia and she has it hanging over her crib.
brings tears to my eyes and such joy in all of our hearts!
thank you