Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!!!
I was changing in our bedroom and
Jeremiah says: Who put all those stamps on you and why would they do that?
That's not very nice.
Referring to my tattoos

We were all laying outside in the grass and
Odin says: I am going to use my resources.
Me: How?
Odin: Well, you see I have a booger in my nose that I need to pick
Me: Ok
Odin: I will save a tissue by using a leaf
I will be resourceful instead of just wasting a tissue.
How do they come up with this stuff......

Jeremiah comes in from outside
he was looking outside for our neighbor John
Me: what are doing outside by yourself
Jeremiah: talking to Mr. John but now he's talking to a guy on a tractor that has a big belly
Me: I couldn't help but chuckle
I said what are they doing?
Jeremiah: talking by the shed and one has a cup(very excited about that)
Me: really
Jeremiah: i sink it's coffee, but I didn't know Santa drank coffee..
I love being a momma to these children God has blessed us with!