Monday, August 22, 2011

time together
My parents took all the kiddos camping Saturday and they come home today
so we got some much needed time together to just hang out
It was so fun!
We ran errands and watched this movie on Saturday night
we have netflix and there wasn't much to pick from.  It wasn't a bloody movie, it was a funny comedy.
It was ok, just dreamt all night.
                             Then on Sunday, Dave had to work and I went to church alone. 
                    Funny how your driving in the car and your talking to your children and there not even there.
                              When I realized it, I put my CD in and cranked up the radio.
 Then on Sunday night we watched this

                                  Dave wanted me to see this, because he knew I would laugh
                                         otherwise I do not have patience for slap stick humor.
                                             Dave and I laugh at totally different things
                                                        I was laughing so hard.
                                                       It was seriously crude yet funny.
                                            It was great to spend time together just relaxing.
                                                          Thanks to my parents!  
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