Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raising Girls
I borrowed these 2 cd's from a friend awhile back
from The Ransom Heart Team with John Eldredge
I highly suggest them if you have a daughter
Wow, they hit me like a ton of bricks
I highly suggest you listen to them
For me they were something that hit close to home.
It was like the lights went on in my brain
As I listened all I could do was weep
agree with everything and weep some more
I was never into twirling skirts, drama, dating boys, pretty shoes, make up, shopping for clothes
(I think that's why I hung with the boys all my life)
as a girl
 I was never
told I was beautiful.....
that I looked lovely
or cute
until I met Dave
and I didn't take to it very well either.
just ask him, he has some funny stories about that.
I cannot believe what I put him through and he still dated me!
I thought this guy is crazy not me.
complementing me all the time
opening doors and just being a real gentlemen.
I was so surrounded by negativity and anger all the time
I grew to love it and accept it.
thinking that this was all normal
do I look lovely?
what makes my heart come alive?
do you see me?
thirsting for my daddy's approval.
whatever it may be
he loved for me to be in sports so that's what I did
never really getting hugged by him but I knew he loved me in his heart
he had a big heart, just wasn't sure how to communicate what was on it
or talk about his feelings
When I had Olivia it was the  hardest thing for me
besides  we moved that same weekend
(worked out very good that way)
I remember not being sure about how to hold her in the hospital
my mind was just twirling with all these different thoughts and emotions
what am I going to do with this little girl 
it felt so different than I was used too.
I had all boys
little girls needs are totally different than little boys
I had to recover my feminine heart
(because I was really struggling in my heart with my new baby girl)
and ask for healing from our Father
to be able to show Olivia how truly and deeply loved she is
as a little girl and finding her identity.
Our creator is enthralled with our beauty
You are special to me
I notice you
I love you
He beautifully demonstrated that love through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus.
He speaks that same love through His Word and
His Spirit
whispers it to the hearts of His children continuously.
Thank you for changing my heart Jesus.