Friday, July 22, 2011

Broken hearted
Thank you all so much for the prayers, and phone calls.
We greatly appreciate it.
We couldn't get through this without all of you guys and our Heavenly Father.
Clinging to him
 constant conversation with God is
getting us through this.
What we do know:
It appears the birth mom is a con artist who has done this before in other states. At this point we're not even sure if she was even pregnant and may have been acting like a pregnant mom to get the money. Everyone who had contact with her fell for her act so she obviously is very good at this and we knew she must have done it before. Our agency put her info on a scam alert network and Dave is gathering as much info as he can find about her and will call the FBI to see if they will get involved. He's resisting a strong urge to get on a plane to Las Vegas and pick up the trail to try and catch her himself.
 The hard part for us is although we are quite angry about what she did to us and it appears to others too,
we know God loves her passionately so we are  praying for her and all the other families she did this too as well.
We are still waiting to find out how much of our money we actually lost from all of this. Yesterday as more information came out, we had many little blessings come our way in regards to the amount of money we lost. Hard to explain but your prayers are working so please keep them coming specifically that we recover as much of our money as possible!
At home we're still in shock and quite sad. I am broken hearted and deeply saddened and Dave is a wide mix of emotions right now from anger to sadness and everywhere in between. It's just so hard not to get angry and upset.  Constant prayer with God is what we are clinging too.  The kids are doing better but the first night was very hard. We decided to leave the crib and all the baby stuff just where it is.  Lots of tears, conversations, questions, hugs and prayers.
We know satan is at work in all of this and God will bring good from this. The con and scam stuff is too hard for them to understand. All they know is they lost a baby sister they had been praying for. 
 Again, thank you for all the prayers, please keep them coming, we greatly appreciate it. 
We get back on the waiting train....
Praying for God's wisdom, strength and peace and our money to be returned.
Lots of Love from the Funk's