Monday, July 11, 2011

 random thoughts
 yesterday in church I was listening to Pastor Glen's sermon and my mind was all over the place.
I couldn't stop thinking about orphans and helping and giving to the needy and the poor.
thinking about the older children that are left in orphanages and foster care and picked over
thinking about children with special needs
and how I have always had a love for children with Down Syndrome
seeing people suffering on a daily basis right in front of us
just hoping and praying that God would heal them and they would ask him into their lives
I just have a heavy heart lately and am trying to figure out how to deal with it
 I think about this every day but I just cannot seem to shake it lately
I just wish we could give more, help more, adopt more children, on and on
I was tyring to think of ways or where we could cut down more on groceries or bills but there just isn't anywhere else to cut from.
We do not go out to eat unless we get a gift card,
we do not go to a salon or have our nails done
we do not buy new clothes
we do easy and cheap meals
we do not buy toys or go places that cost money  unless they are gifts to us
we have tried to sell our house 3 times
we really just have fixed bills
besides Dave's teeth
we have dental work for Dave that needs to be done(because he is missing teeth)
which will cost between( 15-20,000) and we do not have any kind of dental insurance
we went to a local college in Milwaukee called Marquette  and checked out there dental school and of course they wanted Dave.
they said he could come once a week all day for a whole year.
Serioulsy who could drive an hour one way and take off a day of work to do that and still pay 12,000?
We just have a special VISA card that we use for our dental and try to pay it off with our taxes each year
Each year we have a dental debt, so it's just this vicious cycle that drives me crazy
So please pray about dental insurance or a new job or how in the world we can do this
(please if you have any idea let us know, we have looked into self insurance plans and they just don't pay either)
It just bothers me that this is the only thing that keeps us from doing more of what God has put on our hearts to do and what we love to do as a family
It just seems so silly to me
I am not complaining just venting
We are just trying to stay focused on what God's plan is for us.
Staying strong in faith and in his timing.
If God were to give me everything I wanted in the midst of a struggle (like a sign from him, hear his voice loud and clear, for it to be all over, or get a big answer) I would miss out on getting to know him and feeling his hand in mine throughout the whole ordeal.
Please pray for us in the dental/finance department
and thanks for all your prayers!
Lots of Love