Friday, June 3, 2011

                         This little guy is doing this...

                                       he is so excited
                            he loves wearing underwear
                        and no more diapers for Jeremiah!
                                           last night
Mom to Jeremiah: what are you doing in the bathroom so long for?
Jeremiah: washing my hands
Mom: it's been 5 minutes, that is enough.  Who are you talking too?
Jeremiah: the drain(this little guy, never stops talking)
Mom: what did the drain say?
Jeremiah: nothing, I was talking to the drain.
Mom: ok, what did you say to the drain?
Jeremiah: (partially singing,) no toys should go down there.
This little man we are so blessed with, he is constantly making us all laugh!
               Jonah has Kindergarten Graduation today!
                                      Have a great Friday!