Monday, May 16, 2011

We made it!
3 days of getting up at 3 am and going to bed by 9
I am tired...
I did not have time to download the pictures yet.
We did awesome!
I had about 10 boxes of odds and ends left and we donated them to Easter Seals.
Then I also went through all the clothes we had left and will be taking them to 2 resale shops and trying to sell them that way as well. 
60 dozen funky buns
40 bags of puppy chow
and 75 brats
We never stopped moving
There is just always something to be done
My knees hurt when I  bent down because I barely sat all day.
Thank you Jody for helping during the day, and thank you to my parents and Mimi helping during the day as well.
Thank you for all the prayers and wonderful donations.
We are so blessed and God is good!
Thank you for all the wonderful blessings!
Love the Funkhousers!