Friday, April 15, 2011

I have had this darn sinus cold for over a month now and it's getting a little old
I seem to have forgotten to get Kleenex and just simply kept using toilet paper. 
It's crazy how much toilet paper you go through just blowing your nose
On another note I have had this tooth ache for the past 2 weeks and finally went in the other day, because it hurt so bad and it just wasn't going away
The Dentist did some ex-rays and low and behold he thinks it's just  my sinuses causing all this trouble.
Everything else looked good
Who would've thought that
I never even knew they were that close and could cause such a problem.
I got a z-pack and started that right away, so I hope to be feeling better soon.
I was going in thinking I would have to pay for a filling and came out paying a lot less. 
Have a great Friday!