Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots of rain and storms here in WI  all weekend.
I love the spring rain, but it was cloudy and dreary.
Not much sun at all.
After church yesterday, Jeremiah decided to jump in the puddles while I talk to pastor Glen.
He was soaked from his waist down.
I could ring out his socks.
I made a birthday cake for my dad and I.
They came over for dinner last night.
I have to say it was a new cake reciepe and it was so dry, crumbly and hard
My dad does not like when I try new things.
We actually warmed it up first and that made it taste better.
The kids had theirs with a bunch of ice cream and it was fine.
My dad didn't mind it.
I worked on a few projects this weekend and we just hung out at home.
Had a movie night with a sleepover in the living room.
We drug out our mattress and laid it on the floor
Which is so uncomfortable for us.
6 people on a queen size mattress
Our backs our usually sore the next day
  It was nice and relaxing. 
Lots of Lego building going on here all day and every day.