Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Belated Easter
Ours started off kind of funny...if you ask me
I made funky buns for church and asked Dave to load them in the car
As he started too, he noticed I had a completely flat tire on my car.
Of course it was a  day we needed both cars for church with all the rolls in one and the kiddos in the other.

So we called and woke up my parents and borrowed one of their cars.
So I am loading all the rolls in their car and hear some serious distraction going on in the garage.
I am running around to much and getting neurotic, thinking we are going to be later(in my book) than I want to be.
We all leave at 8 and I was leaving at 7:15 with Olivia
So as I am running around I finally look around in the garage and notice a robin stuck in there
he kept trying to get out and hitting the window
So Dave gets some gloves on and catches the darn thing and the kids had a blast watching him catch this thing and then looking at it in his hands.  They never got to see one that close
As he lets it go, it took a nose dive but then finally took off and found his family...minus a lot of feathers
the kids couldn't stop laughing
either could I
typical of our days here
you just have to laugh
We are so thankful for our church and it's been wonderful to be able to sell our rolls there and advocate about the orphan
God just keeps providing...
I worked on hanging up rummage in our garage and the kiddos all played outside
we took a walk
dyed our Easter eggs
it was 55 degrees here
so beautiful
the snow is gone and the winter clothes are put away
Dave put a screen door on
changed a flat tire
Easter dinner of choice by the kiddos was fun frozen food which we rarely ever have
they picked mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken nuggets and bagel pizza bits and we made some Easter cut out cookies to go with
This guy chose to color on all his eggs
this is what the kiddos left for the Easter Bunny
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
Miah came out of Church yesterday  and says
"He is Risen  indeed!"
Lots of Love from the Funkhousers!