Tuesday, April 26, 2011

 Free Money...
Starting now Tues, April 26, through Sunday, Ordinary Hero will give a $500 grant to the top seller, a $300 grant to the 2nd top seller and a $200 grant to the third top seller who sold the most during that time frame. It adds up fast and really helps you meet your fundraising goal with these grants. They  are also offering a separate $250 grant to those  who have not sold yet, or who have not sold beyond $100.
They  have some things on clearance, and also have some new cuff bracelets,  raincoats, shirts AND  Sheep! Yes, Sheep!  Purchase much needed food for the orphans too!. Check it all out in the STORE! Also, there is more info on the blog about this grant contest and items in the store if you want to check it out.

 40% of your purchase goes right towards our adoption
think Mother's Day, birthdays, gifts
Make sure you select our name on the affiliate drop down box when you make a purchase! 
With the donation items in the STORE remember you are helping children other than solely helping us!!!
Happy Shopping and please spread the word!
Thank you!
Go and check them out!