Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Check the Label
 So Dave is sitting in church on Sunday and feeling rather out of sorts. When he got ready for church, he went in his drawer and pulled on a new pair of underwear noting that they were brand new but they seem to fit weird when he put them on. He thought I had tried something new as I often do and that I probably had a coupon or got a great deal on some new style of underwear for him so he didn’t complain and put them on. Out the door we went but I could tell they were really bugging Dave.
The undies were not only tight on his thighs they also hung low on his waist. He started to think, “geez, how much weight have I gained?!” knowing that he needed to lose some it was rather depressing to realize that even his underwear were tighter and didn’t fit right.
To church and back we went. Once home we started working on lunch and he changed into some old clothes to work in the garage. He  paused in the kitchen long enough to mention something to me about the underwear. He looked at me puzzled and I said “Oops, I wonder if I got you the new hip hugger style men’s underwear” I went on to explain that a friend of mine had grabbed the wrong package off the shelf and hadn’t realized they even made that style to go with the new low riding jeans. He felt better knowing it wasn’t his expanding waist that was causing the discomfort but I wanted to check the label to make sure.

I went to check the label of the undies (as he had them on) and giggled as I had to reach farther down the back of my jeans saying “Wow, you aren’t kidding, these are tiny” He felt the tag get pulled then I busted out laughing. I had trouble breathing I was laughing so hard but eventually I was able to tell him that he had been wearing our 7 year old son Odin’s underwear for the past 4 hours. Our son had made the jump and grown out of the superhero undies to young men’s similar in style to Dave's.
I have not laughed that yard in months. 
I couldn't stop crying and the kids were laughing
what a joyous moment (even for Dave!)
I love my family!