Thursday, April 7, 2011

long poopy post
last night the kids and I went and cooked for the homeless.
they love making tacos because they love chopping all the toppings, so we decided to bring tacos for everyone and make a cake
When someone has to go to the bathroom we all have to go
You use the one bathroom that everyone uses that lives there
It's down the hall in between all of their bedrooms and such.
So my kids think it's fun to run in their rooms and ya know just run around like  a kid and be loud talking to everyone
Jonah says, I have to go poop really bad mommy, I am having trouble walking
which he was
he's a funny and gross kid
Livey says, I'm next then
so we all huddle into this little space
of course it's tight so Olivia sits in the shower and some sit on the floor
bathroom floors totally gross me out
wherever I am
even if there clean
Jonah poops and then looks in his underwear while he's pooping and says, mom, I have some poop in my underwear.
what am I going to do?
well, your just going to have to take them off or wear them
I am not wearing them
I will take them off but  where will I put them?
Well not on the counter or anything, and I have no plastic bags
Jonah says, I will put them in my pocket then.
So he starts to wipe  and gets poop all over the toilet seat
this kid uses wads of toilet paper and flushable wipes.
I help him clean the seat up and himself.
he just doesn't get the whole flushing a couple times thing
he just always plugs the toilet up because he has so much toilet paper in there.
4 flushes to clean up the mess
I had no wipes with me
now he has poopy all over his butt that I cannot get off because the toilet paper is gone and there is no more.
All the other kids have to go yet of course
So I tell him I will clean you better when we get home, there is nothing I can do and we need to make dinner, NOW
So he takes his shoes off and pants off to get his undies off
and walks all over the bathroom floor while Olivia goes potty
not thinking about it but she decided to wear a leotard there with leggings
she takes off her whole leotard and puts it on the floor so she can go potty naked
I am totally grossing now about germs
I was talking about germs and bacteria and they just think they have to see it all to believe me.
why is it that kids just  have to inspect their pee or poop.
Olivia puts both hands on the potty and watches her pee go down
Jonah was just looking at the poop in his underwear.
why is everything so interesting to them like that
I said, poop is poop
so he puts his undies in his backpocket and we all finish up
we srubbed our hands because I was so grossed out
You have to air dry your hands because their is no towels
Jonah is having fun wearing no undies
he is totally gyrating in the hall and dancing
All I could think about was the thin layer of dry poopy all over his buttcheeks
I was totally grossed out
Then we get back into the kitchen and the dining room and everyone is getting ready to eat and there just hanging out there
Jonah decides to tell everyone what just happened and how he has no undies on and how they should not worry because they are in his backpocket.
One couple laughed and and some other guys joked around with him but I was totally disgusted and all I could think about was poop and germs now
Needless to say everything came through fine and everyone was happy
Jonah couldn't stop dancing because he loved the feeling of no undies.