Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adoption News

The Headline hit us like a brick in the face,

"Ethiopia is Cutting Foreign Adoptions by 90 percent".

We first read about it on some other blogs but yesterday it came out in multiple news sources. We have not heard anything from our adoption agency yet but I am sure they are having a lot of people contact them now that the news came out.

The opening line of the main news article reads, "Ethiopia is cutting back by as much as 90 percent the number of inter-country adoptions it will allow, as part of an effort to clean up a system rife with fraud and corruption"

We have no idea how this will affect us and our adoption process. We are waiting to hear from our agency. We know that things must be terribly wrong in the process if such drastic measures are needed, but we are sad about how it will affect us.

As much as this feels like a punch in the gut for us and brings tears to our eyes, that is selfish on our part. It is the kids were worry about.

Please pray for the Orphans.

On Wednesday we will be fasting and praying for Ethiopia with people from all over the United States.

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