Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today is this little one's 5th Birthday
Happy Birthday
 You cannot see it, but she wears this skirt backwards.  She loves the back pockets in the front. 
I will be doing a birthday post when we get back home.  We will be in Minnesota today until Sunday staying with some friends.  We do this every February and we have so much fun.
So we will be missing in action for a few days.
The kids are so excited to listen to some new adventures in odyssey Cd's and the chronicles of Narnia Cd's that a friend borrowed us for the ride.  So thankful for those. 
I like to read a lot when we drive.  I usually read to Dave and then we both get through a book.
I also use the time to write the kids a letter.  For every birthday of theirs we write them a long letter and recap the year.  We talk about who they are, what is on their heart, dreams, goals, what they do with their time, what they eat, everything.  Then I tuck it away to give to them when they are 18.  My mom always used to write me letters (when I was over 18 and living at home) and I always read them and saved every one of them.  It got me through those tough times, even though back then I didn't want to admit it. 
We will be fasting and praying today, thanks to Linny over at
Thanks for your prayers and donations.  We are forever grateful and so thankful you are part of this journey with us.  We will see you in a few days!