Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God always provides signs for us for everything we've ever done
sometimes 1 sign but most of the time numerous signs over and over on a daily basis
I am a firm believer in them
We ask for them and he provides
sometimes fast sometimes months or years
The WAITING is what is so hard
God is so good though!
His love never fails
I was out walking the other night in the dark
and I was having my precious confiding time with my God
Talking about life, dreams, hopes, decisions, asking for a ton of answers
(which I do every day)
Just still waiting for answers on certain things
but I keep praying and asking and waiitng
Then all of a sudden the coolest thing happened
I just happen to look up into the dark night sky and see a double shooting star land right above my head
(If my head was in the sky)
 It had only one tail with 2 stars
one above the other
parallel with each other. 
I should of  had my camera
I have never seen anything like it
I couldn't find a picture for you all to see either. 
It was so bright!
I was so excited I actually jumped over a few sidewalk cracks and wanted to call people
God is so good!