Monday, February 7, 2011

Packer Day
On Friday the kids had packer day at school and a pep rally
I can't believe these schools do these kind of things.
I was never big into cheering for teams on t.v
We watched very little TV if any when we were younger
Never had time for it, so the whole game thing on TV was never really my thing
I was into a ton of sports and they were my life growing up
but that was different
The kids and the other BIG kid(dad) had a blast making these t-shirts that nanee bought for them
We have 2 Steeler fans(they were fans years before they got to the Super Bowl) 
(I am not sure what he is doing with his fingers)

We are not fair weather fans here in the Funkhouser household
You pick a team and stay with it
Through the good, the bad and the ugly
Way to go Pack!