Friday, January 28, 2011

I had gotten a prescription on Monday for a serious cough that wouldn't go away
Well, it didn't work and I only got worse
Drove myself to the Dr. with Olivia and Jeremiah in tow thinking I would get a blood test and wound up with tons of chest ex-rays
My oxygen level was at 85% and my lungs were terrible
Glad I went in
Olivia loved the nurse with red hair
She says,"she looks like Aerial"
They were having fun in the ex ray room of course
So, I got me some antibiotics and an inhaler if I want and we are ready to tackle this thing.
I have just never been sick
I hear this is just a bad year for this stuff
So, I am working away on rummage and laying low
Thanks for all your prayers and for all your donations to help us along this wonderful journey.
We are forever grateful!