Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday to Jonah!

seriously dramatic(every scrape you get, you would think you lost a limb)


You came into this world and had a rough start from the beginning.
God had a plan
At about 6 weeks old you got sick
and sicker
then you started to turn grey on me when I was driving to my parents house
Took you into the on call Dr. in our town which was my old pediatrician and family friend
What are the odds of that?
You had a rapid heart rate and then seriously slow breathing.  You were so slow that the
only way we could tell you were breathing was by having a pacifier in your mouth because you wouldn't stop screaming
We rushed you over to the hospital and checked in
they ran all sorts of tests that were negative so they did another test for RSV where
they swab your nose(kind of like a pap smear)
While we waited, I'll never forget the nurses telling Dave and I that if you pass out and turn blue they'll just come and restart you.
Of course you keep passing out on us and we watched them do CPR on you
That's when we knew it was serious
Then all of a sudden 2 people in flight gear come into the room from "flight for life" to take you to Children's Hospital.
It was so surreal
The pilot said they hadn't risked flying because there was a crazy snow storm outside and it's an hour they hopped in the ambulance and Dave drove right behind us.
So, the whole way in the ambulance
you kept passing out and the nurse keeps restarting your heart and giving you CPR and then she says to me, I need you to fill this out and we are going to have to go through the paperwork of thinking an planning a funeral
I seriously just said ok....stunned
She was so sweet and just doing her job very professionally. 
I just answered away and got to thinking about how fast our lives can change in a blink of an eye
We got there and went to the ICU
We were straight at the end of the hallway and I'll never forget that feeling of walking through those doors and seeing and hearing all the hurt and pain
You just wish you could help and take it all away
So when we get into the room there is like 5 nurses(they all looked like they were 18 and just started, at least in my eyes)(of course they were in their late 20's and nice as pie) setting him up and working with him
They ran all these tests, set up the feeding tube, and  intibated him right away.

He was lifeless just like that
  They had to do the breathing for him because there was no way he could do it on his own.  

We got him baptised and prayed over him constantly in the room

It was so dry and sterile and we wore yellow outfits to protect him from germs.
everywhere you looked were tubes and machines. We couldn't touch him without gloves on.
constant beeps and humming from the machines
one sweet moment I will never forget was your little mouth sucking every time you got food through the feeding tube.  So darn cute that babies just know how to suck.
moving and shuffling the machines around
meeting upon meetings with all these Dr.'s

Sitting all dressed up next him in silence just waiting and watching
I never cried that day 
nor slept for 48 hours
When we finally went to rest (in the hospital room they provided for us there)
I'll never forget that feeling of walking into a small tiny one room sleeping quarters
and falling face first on the bed and never moving again for several hours
All my clothes intact
shoes on
I cried my eyes out and asked God to do whatever his will was for this little guy
and that whatever he had planned I will be ok with
trying to find the strength to tell myself that we would be just fine 
We had so many wonderful friends come and pray with us and visit,we are forever thankful for all of you and helping us get by
We had to have Dave's mom come and stay with Odin at home, because Dave had to go back to work and we were going to be there for weeks
So it worked out great that way and then we just took turns driving there and staying.
When the time came to pull the tube out it was a huge decision the Dr.'s were not sure off
so we tried once and you just were not ready so we waited another few days and was gone.
You struggled for a few more days with the breathing but day by day you were getting stronger and stronger
Finally, we got the ok to leave
Back home we went
You had a long, recovery after that 
You were constantly sick the first year and a half of your life and totally crabby all the time.
You also developed torticolis after being in the hospital bed that whole time.
The nurses never moved your head
So your head was tilted one way all the time
Never heard of such a thing until we had to start going to Children's to do physical therapy for this every week. 
My goodness, who would of known that could happen
Learn something new all the time
It was crazy, you had to totally crank on his head
It looked like it hurt so bad but it was working and he healed fine after that episode.
No problems since
You were off to enjoy life after all this.