Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Odin Ramblings
The other day I had a sore throat and a nasty cold.
I was loosing my voice
Dave was reading stories to the kiddos and I said I couldn't read because I was loosing my voice.
 So Daddy took over and all of a sudden Odin is crying his eyes out next to me
What's wrong, I said?
I am so sad, mommy.
I could not understand anything through the tears
I asked again and he said
I am so sad that you are going to be a mommy that does all sign language and I will never hear your voice again.
Sensitive guy
I had to laugh. 

When we were in Chicago with Dave' parents we talked a lot about the homeless people, and how not to judge and that eveyone has a story behind their face. 
Odin has been talking about this one man since we had been there and how it bothered him how he just wanted a sandwhich.  He starts crying just thinking of it every time.
I wish we just had a sandwhich to give him mom.
All the questions that come with seeing the homeless
love to see them wander,
get it and feel it in  their heart and just want to cry about it and talk about it
I love this time
God is so good
I love to see how God is breaking his heart and molding him into the man God wants him to be.