Friday, November 19, 2010

Papa which is my dad works a lot.  He is an over the road truck driver for UPS.  Jeremiah only gets to see him on Sundays and Mondays and boy does he love it.  He just never wants him to leave.
My dad was always gone growing up.
When he was there we would go camping
He wasn't a hugger or a kisser but either was my mother.
I missed that kind of love. 
It was just something they didn't do and were maybe just a little uncomfortable about it.
I always had my brother. 
We were buddies.
I love to see how the kids light up when they see all their grandparents. 
There is just some different about grandparents than parents.
I wish I had some grandmas and grandpas to love on.
I have a lot of older friends that I see as great and loving mentors and seasoned in life
I am grateful for that.
Very grateful!