Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good bye

Well we took Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio back to the airport this morning and it was hard to say good bye... 
Time goes so fast
It's great to see the kids feeling sadness and dealing with their feelings. 
As they get older we seem to talk about it more  
Odin says, why do we sound different when we cry?  Like how come our voice changes and stuff.  He has a heart of gold but is very shy and likes to be alone when he cries.
They are so honest and real, I love it.
I don't like to say bye either
how about see you soon
the kids just don't understand why we cannot see them more.  They think that you can just pick up and go for a visit any time you please and it's all free.  Wish it worked like that.
Twice a year is when we see them.
We had a great time(treated us to a lot of wonderful things) and made lots of wonderful memories. 
Will post pictures soon 
Thanks for everything!