Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am always so emotional about Giving
We love to give all year to people
whatever it may be
Sometimes putting our family on the back burner to do so
Sometimes, I get a little carried away and
wish you could just keep giving and giving and giving but when the well is dry it hurts
Seriously, I would go into debt giving just because I like to
We have been selling things that we have and do not need and
simplifying and living with less and giving more 
I see so much pain, hurt and struggle every day that just breaks my heart
I  want to be able to help and give and do whatever we can do
 God has put it on our heart to do so
It makes me so sad
Faces that break your heart
Tummies that need food and water
Bodies that need to be hugged and loved
Situations that just hurt your gut to hear
Dr. results that tear you apart
He provides all we need
Thankful and grateful hearts for the little we give
Tears of joy for something so little to us, but huge for them
I love that feeling you get when you give
God is good
I am no longer letting the pull of this world distract us from our purpose, our calling, or from seeing the amazing blessings we have been given.
My eyes are fixed on Jesus
Whether we always feel it, whether or not we always see it–
we are changing the world in our own wonderful way.
One heart at a time.
We need  to be who we are and  do what we do and to keep on doing it no matter what.
Someone Who Loves You sees.
And smiles.
The joy comes when you are doing his HIS work
Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31