Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We have started another fundraiser for this wonderful journey.  We are asking friends/family to save their change.
That's it!
All that loose stuff in your pockets and on your car floor can help bring home 2 orphans.    If you wish to participate, let us know and we will send you a jar.  Just leave your name and address in the comment section. 
This is the letter that is sent with the jars.

We’re adopting a little girl and a little boy from Africa
who we hope to meet sometime in the next 5-10 months. We are
asking family and friends to help us by filling the peanut butter jars
with loose change or donations to help us raise money.
Here’s how you can help:
1. Fill the jar with all the change you can find around your house (and maybe even your friends’ houses or co-workers if they want to help too!)
2. Once the jar is full, take a photo of you with the jar and e-mail it to us at funk50@charter.net so we can add it to our website to show everyone how you helped us bring our children home!
3. Go to the bank and have the coins turned into bills which you can give us or deposit the coins/cash in your account, write us a check and mail it to Jill Funkhouser.
4. You’re done (unless you want to do it again ) and know that you have HELPED US give the children a better life.
We can’t do this without help so start searching for those coins. We’re certain you can fill the jar quickly and have fun doing it too!
With heaps of thanks and love,
The Funkhouser Family
283 E River Terrace Kiel, WI 53042