Thursday, September 2, 2010

Never Giving up
I am not sure about your kids but all of my kids Love legos.  Yesterday I worked on this airplane with Jonah from 11:10 until 3:37.  Besides getting up and helping others when the time arised I sat there and helped him and I was so done with legos by noon already. 
I just wanted to keep getting up and to do other things but he kept asking me to sit by him and help him. Seriously, I am ancy pancy.
how could he just sit there and do that all day. 
He never matched the right colors just found the right pieces
it didn't matter to him
he was just trying to get the airplane done and he was not giving up.
Then we go to open house for Odin and Jonah.
Jonah brought his airplane in the van with him and guess what-
Olivia was having a crabby day yesterday
and she decided to hit the airplane
of course it smashed into tiny pieces just as we get to the school.
Never Giving up
Jonah picked up all the pieces through a few tears and started putting it back together
He never gives up on us
He is the answer for every problem and every need that we have.
His death on the cross bought us healing, deliverance,peace, liberty, protection...
He is the one who rises up to provide for us and defend us
calls to us when we are alone
never lets us down or leaves us
He is with us at every turn and his eyes are always on us.
He sings over us, teaches us, nutures us and protects us and leads us. 
We are always Safe in his arms and he does not disappoint. 
Look to him, trust him, wait on him he will come through.
Open your heart
Never Give up
because he never gives up on you