Friday, August 27, 2010

Trusting in the Lord
Dave went to the dentist the other day and I went to the TMJ specialist in Milwaukee.  Everything we both need done would cost us 10-15,000, so we decided to wait until our adoption is final to start fixing anything.  We would just have to charge it all anyway because  we have no dental insurance.  Let me tell you, it is not fun!  My appointment was interesting though.  I learned way more about my jaw and muscles than I ever new.  All 3  Dr.'s I saw were great.   I forgot a book though. It was a pretty long 3 hours.
  Thanks to my mom for watching the kiddos.
The whole way there and back was so nice.
 Music cranked
Worshipping the Lord at the top of my lungs
Hands praising him
I love it!!!!
Removing all distractions
Pouring myself out
Giving everything to God.
When we are struggling we must enter into God's rest. Nothing will get us through those times better than resting in God.
It's a spiritual rest that comes by faith.
Resting in God means to have absolute trust and confidence in his care for you knowing that he will supply all your needs, and that he is more than enough for you.
The truth is, any kind of battle you are having belongs to the Lord. 
So in giving our battles to him, and laying them at the foot of the cross, we are entering into his rest.
He has bought our souls with a price.  
Trading our ashes for beauty.
   Enter into his rest.
Feel his presence and get to know him more deeply
and trust him more than you did before. 
We serve an AWESOME god!