Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Secret Place
“My heart and flesh cry out for YOU the true and Living God” (Psalm 84:2, NIV).

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who spends time in the secret place with God. I love coming in contact with those who live abiding in Jesus. You know, it’s just so obvious. It’s as though they truly take on His image.

Intimacy with God cannot be mimicked and it cannot be forged. Intimacy with God is very real. You can hear it in how someone talks and you can see it all over them; they literally shine.

Spending time in the secret place with God in intimacy with Him is where we need to remain and how we need to live. We were created for intimacy. We were born for face-to-face encounter with God.

There is nothing more that God desires for us than this: to be one with Him. He wants us to live in Him, to take time with Him in the secret place, deeply loving Him, adoring and everything He is and allowing Him to do the same with us. Spend time with your beloved.

Those who live immersed in Him are always shining with a light that overcomes darkness, and they have a hope and peace that goes beyond all understanding. Those who spend time in the secret place have a way of living so that nothing defies them. No matter what, they know who they are and they know their God.

Love covers all.

 Lord, I open my heart to you and all that I am.

Do you have a secret place?