Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hiijacked Blog Post - Sorry

I apologize for remotely hijacking Jill’s blog but I know her well enough to know that she would never let me post this message with her advance knowledge.

Adoption has always been something Jill and I talked about. We got serious about it together well over a year ago but I was a hold out before that. I had so many fears and concerns about everything, literally everything, about adoption that I was a big WHOA! To the whole process. Jill of course was 100% a go from day one but I was holding back taking a very cautious approach. I promised Jill I would pray to God for a sign if this was what we were meant to do or not as God has always given me very clear signs on what to do when I pray to him with specific issues/direction.

Within an hour of that conversation, I was on my way to work and stopped to gas up our van downtown. Another van pulled up to the pump island on the opposite side of me and pulled forward. As the van passed, I noted in big white letters across the back windows “Adoption is the ONLY option” followed by a group of kids who poured out of the van.
Wow…pretty clear sign God. Thanks!

God didn’t stop there, he bombarded me over the next two weeks with more signs. Our waitress at a restaurant was adopted from Ethiopia. A family camping next to us had a little boy adopted from Africa. I helped numerous people at work who were adoption/orphan advocates or had adopted children. It was crazy but everywhere it seemed God was saying “OK Dave, here are some signs!” which he poured out on me. I finally said in prayer, “OK Lord, I got the message” and soon after we started this wonderful agonizing yet blissful journey.

This past weekend, on Saturday night, as I sat outside in the evening soaking up God’s wonderful star filled sky by a camp fire, something hit me like a brick to the chest. The signs I had asked God for was right in front of me the entire time. I didn’t need a van with letters on the window, a waitress from Ethiopia, people to help at work, a family camping next to us, none of that. God had given me the obvious and biggest sign he could have ever done and I apologized to him for not recognizing it.

What is that sign? It is my wife Jill…Simply stated; Who she is. What she is. What she does. Everything about her is a gift from God to not only me, but our family, our friends, and to the children whose lives she touches that she hasn’t even met (yet!) This woman loves God and loves kids. Jill was made to be a mom and everyday she amazes me. God gave me the privilege to meet, fall in love and marry this amazing woman. I am so deeply and passionately in love her that it brings me to tears at times. Jill’s love for others in need, especially children, is impossible to measure and humbles me greatly.

All the while as I was looking for big signs from Heaven to lead and direct me, God was patiently tapping his foot smiling waiting for me to see the one he had given me years ago; my beautiful wife. God gave Jill to me and made her part of my life because he knew she was meant for this and that I could not do it alone. He was right and I am blessed.

To you Jill, I profess my love before all who read this blog. You are an amazing woman, mother, wife, and as you state in your introduction, “A sold out lover of Jesus”. Your outward beauty is awesome and your inner beauty is inspiring. I thank God everyday that you are part of my life and I promise him in return to give you all the help and support you need to make your life as wonderful as you dream it can be. I love you…Dave