Friday, August 13, 2010

This post is for my dear friend DW and  Linny over at
You are such a wonderful and beautiful family!

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23).
I have been clingning to this verse this whole journey.
Your heart is that place. 
It is the place from which you’re reactions, your attitudes, your actions all come from. All that you are as you walk through this day, with whatever it holds, will come from your heart. That’s why God tells us specifically to guard that well-spring.

Among the many things we find in our hearts there will always be one of two things there.
Faith or Fear. One will always be on the top of the heap. They cannot both occupy the same place. If faith resides there your well-spring will pour out peace and confidence in God’s care for you, even in those uncertain times.
If fear resides there will always be anxiety and depression(and for me a  crazy lady with a mind full of crazy thoughts).
Faith or Fear.
Faith or Fear
Faith or Fear
Every day we choose.
Many times a day we choose.
Faith over-rides Fear. Fear over-rides Faith.
God tells us exactly what to do when fear grips our hearts and takes over our minds.
 Worry is a call to prayer. The moment you become aware of that churning anxiety over ANYTHING, go immediately to your Heavenly Father.
 Present your requests to Him.
Simply asking for exactly what you need. Nothing is too dumb or stupid(my kids are not allowed to say this so this feels weird writing it) for God.  
Thank Him for His promise. Thank Him for the power of His name and for His knowledge of every detail of our life.  Thank Him that He works all things together for your good as you trust Him.

Your faith and trust in God will over-ride your fear and His peace will  put a guard around your heart and mind so fear cannot over take you. 
 It's real. 
 We have experienced more than I ever could imagined along this adoption journey and it has only deepened our faith.  Thank you for being part of it with us.  We serve an awesome God!!