Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ramblings ..
Olivia comes out of the camper from a nap
Mom, somebody came in there and peed on me
Now who would do that?
I donno
(We figured out she wet the bed)
I made him a cup of hot chocolate the other day.
Really, hot chocloate on a hot summer day. 
 We make our own at home and they can have it for a treat sometimes
He stirs it on the counter
looks at the cup
looks at the floor
looks at the cup on the counter again
then looks at the floor again
What are you doing?  I said
Wondering what?
If I pour this hot chocolate on the floor and clean it up will the floor still be hot?
Interesting thought I said. 


We stop at a gas station while driving the other day.
I took 3 kids in to go potty
2 boys go to the mens and I go by the women's with Olivia
I was waiting right outside the door(one stallers)
Looking at the movies
Odin comes out and looks confused and looks at the sign saying
He goes back in and comes out again and looks at the sign
I said, What's the matter buddy?
I am just checking if I am in the mens or womens.
They come out together looking concerned
Odin says,mom there was a picture of a girl in there with her underwear and bra on(another description of a bikini in my childrens head) right by the toilet.
So I look
And sure enough it was
this with condoms and KY Jelly packets in the dispensers
Sure enough on the pictures of the product there were 2 women in their bikinis
He was at a loss for words.  Poor guy.
I could not stop laughing(secretly)
These kids crack me up!
What a pure joy they are!