Friday, July 16, 2010

So  Saturday early morning while we were sleeping,   Dave here's some noise outside.  He peeks out the window and is eye to eye with the bear.  The bear is standing on his hind legs digging in the fridge.  Dave makes a noise at him and he drops some things out of the fridge and goes to sit by a tree.  Then I got up to see all this excitement and by this time he was in the neighbors campsite.  I stood behind Dave and he just scared the bear off into the woods.  So I did not get to see him but we got these...
They were so cute we all thought.
He made a mess of the fridge so we cleaned that.
He ate 4 sticks of butter and left the box.
We decided to leave a bear trap the next night but he never came.  It was fun for the moment at least.