Friday, June 18, 2010

Odin turns 7
My first little guy had his 7th birthday on June 13th.  My how time has gone so fast.  I just love to look at him from the side. You can still see his plump little cheeks and the same face he had as a baby. 
Choice of breakfast was fruit loops.  Lunch was mac and cheese and dinner was cheeseburgers on the grill.  
legos, art, loving everyone,helping out too much(it's a joke in the family, because he will do everyone's chores for them-just because), any kind of small figurine he can bring to life, writing things out in a journal, wants to please everyone, kickball and camping.
He opened a few cards that had money in and immediately gave us some of the money to put in our adoption fund.  You have such a compassionate heart and just love people and you always want to give everything away.  I love everything about how God has made you. I love how you serve the Lord.   You are a very special guy and we love you so much!
Always loving on someoneLost first toothChristmas giftWhoever made up these glassesCan't beat that face expression
Dinner of choice-cheeseburgersOur b-day noodle fight.
You can't even tell there is 5 boxes of cooked noodles in our grass.  You should try it sometime.  It is so much fun to throw food.   
           Fun, laughs, messes, happiness and pure joy of being a mother!  I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Thank you.  God is so good!