Monday, May 10, 2010

Rummage, Rummage, Rummage
Sorry I have not posted all week.  We have been busting our butt over here with our rummage stuff.  We have been flooded with donations and I am so so grateful.  I have been getting up at 3 usually during the week and pricing, hanging and organizing and running everything downstairs.  We will just have to carry everything back upstairs for the sale.  The whole garage is hanging clothes from 0-XXXL boys and girls.  God is good.  We have so many great things. I am shooting for a huge goal.  I am not one to get upset if we do not get there, though.  It is all fun.   I am so excited and cannot wait to see what God has in store for us this weekend.  I will post pictures when we get it all set up.  I am trying to get the kids excited too.  I already gave them quarters to polish shoes, price clothing and fold extra laundry.  It breaks my heart to take away time with them so we are trying to make helping with the rummage fun.
We had a great Mother's Day and hope all of you did too.  Had a wonderful morning with great music at church.  They were so alive and loud...LOVED it.  Did I ever tell you how much I like loud music.  So the whole church can be alive! Then went grocery shopping, worked on rummage, Dave cut the lawn and cooked out.  I am so thankful for my mom in so many ways. I dragged her through so many things, no mother should have to go through.  Restraining order(met my husband through this), dealing with a suicidal  and abusive (first and only) boyfriend(that brought my mom on many trips to houses, hospitals, woods in the midddle of the night) ongoing therapy, eating disorder  and many other interesting times.  She never gave up on me.  It seemed we learned about things together more like friends.  She always let me know how loved I was and how we could get through this together.  We kind of taught each other a lot about love and God.  She wrote me a letter everyday with scripture in and I still have all those and reread them once in awhile.  She spoke from her heart.  She truly never gave up and kept pushing me.  I love her dearly and thank her so much.  I am so thankful we have a Heavenly father that loves us so much as well.  He can hold you afloat through anything and I love him so much!  Thank you God for my wonderful yet broken life!