Monday, May 17, 2010

            AWESOME,  AWESOME,  AWESOME        
We serve an awesome MOUNTAIN MOVING  god.  It was so beautiful to see and watch anf feel him work in so many ways.  So many questions about the adoption process or just about orphans in general.  People opening their hearts to what God has put on it, it was so amazing.  I cannot tell you how many times I cried these last few days, it was so great and so real and live.  I loved it!  It was seriously crazy and busy which I love.  I love that feeling of always pushing yourself to get one more thing in the time frame.  Love it, love it, love it.  We got up at 4 am and kept going until about 9 or 10 pm and my parents helped the whole time.  Thank you my sweet friends for helping make frosting, puppy chow, taking my children, folding clothes whatever you did I am so thankful for your hearts and hands, and for our  wonderful friendship.  I have a hard time saying yes to help.  We made about 32 dozen Funky Buns and a ton of Puppy Chow.  At some points we were actually running through the house to keep up.  It was such a blast.  I love the adrenaline and the feeling of the holy spirit working through my skin.  So we prayed for $3,000 because we needed to make our next agency payment of $2700.  We had promised God that we would give back 10 % of what we made to others that are adopting if we met our goal and we did.  OOOOOOHHH our God REIGNS!!!!!  We made $3500.  Yahoo!!  Thanks to all the families that donated and helped and came out to support us and follow us on this journey.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We will be having another rummage the first weekend in August again to raise money for the next payment that will be do and that one will be bigger($8,000).  So that's see what we can do and what God puts on your hearts. 

             Let him who boasts boast in theLord” (2      Corinthians 10:17).
             When we glory in the Lord about His beautiful creations and the wonderful things He has done for us, it fills us with love for Him. This love arouses in us a keen desire to please and serve Him, resulting in a life that glorifies the Lord. We then desire to win others to Christ, to help them become what He wants them to be and to enjoy the peace, joy, and abundant life He promised.  Keep the prayers coming, love, love, love...................