Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Puking-We have a lot going on over here!
We decided to take a trip to Appleton mall and return some gifts we got and hang out at the local free indoor playland for half the day.  All the kids were great the whole time and we had a blast.  We drove home(about an hour) and started to get ready for naps. Jeremiah(2) decided to go jump on our bed and puke all over it.  enough to wash all 3 blankets including the pad.  Got done with that and put new sheets on and then he just continued to puke everywhere about every half an hour until 11:30 at night.  I figured out he must of kept taking drinks out of someone else's cup on the counter because he refused to eat dinner but he kept asking for milk.  He really should not of had anything in his system anymore.  So by 6:00 it was getting to be funny and a game for the other children.  We ran out of rags, paper towel, dishcloths, bath towels and old t-shirts.  We did 8 loads of laundry.  the hard thing was that when he puled every time I was running with him so it splashed everywhere and made a bigger mess.  My older two Odin(6) and Jonah(5) had gloves on and were racing everywhere to help me.  It was great!  I was ready for some adult conversation by this time.  My husband is involved in a big case at work right now so I knew he really did not want to hear about puke. I did happen to gfet a wonderful card and donation from some friends of ours which was a huge blessing at the right time.  WOW!  God is great and he knows just what we need.   By 1am he was done and so was I.  Please continue to pray for our house to sell and for God to provide the funds for our adoption.  Next up is the final payment on our Home Study and more agency fees.  We are finishing up some papers on our Dossier and that is it for now!  Thanks for all your prayers and many blessings!  We cannot thank you enough!
Love, Love, Love