Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jonah's 5th Birthday
What was I thinking with this long hair!
You are a true dee-light!  Simple day of serving you.  You were able to drink juice(out of fancy glasses) with every meal that was your favorite part of the day.  A room filled with balloons all over the floor, your pick for all the meals and a colorful birthday that you asked for.  Simple joy! 
Endless battles with your superhero figurines
Endless questions about how your body works and the blood running through your veins
Endless love and compassion for helping others 
Endless fruit eating(I have never seen anyone eat so much fruit in one sitting
Endless days of organizing.  You are constantly putting things away and organizing and straightening things.
Endless wrestling and dancing
Endless singing and worshiping God in your own creative style
Looking back from when you were six weeks old, and planning a funeral for you in Children's hospital  we will never forget what an awesome God we serve.  You will forever keep changing our hearts.  everyday is a blessing.  thank you Lord. 
I want to thank all of you for the t-shirt sales this month,orders of Funky Buns, donations and all the prayers. From the bottom of our heart to yours.  We officially switched agencies(Gladney) and are in the process of our Home Study paperwork. You have some time yet for t-shirts to, so check them out and get yours today!  Have a wonderful day!
Cares, Prayers & Hugs