Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fundraiser Cancelled Jan 31st

We had reserved our city’s community center for the event back in early December. All seemed fine so we put up fliers, ordered and received food & drink, etc. but then on Thursday of this last week we were notified that our request was denied. When our application to use the center was reviewed we found out that the city does not allow use of the facility for the selling of any goods for profit. Despite the fact that our “profit” would in fact be used for the adoption expenses, it is still considered a “sale for profit” so the request to use the city’s facility was denied. UGH! Not sure what we’re going to do yet as it seems every time we get a small blessing, we get kicked have a set back of some sort. We expected some hardships along the way it just seems we’re getting hit right and left as we push forward on this adoption so it is disheartening and discouraging but we’re trying to stay calm and focused in prayer.