Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Funky Buns

Funky Buns has launched! Thanks to a friend who had the idea: as a fundraiser for our adoption we've now started to sell our homemade Cinnamon and Carmel Rolls.  A dozen is $15 and a half dozen is $8.  100% of the proceeds go to our our adoption fund. Call and order them today. Me and the kids cranked out 72 rolls.  We have started the process and paperwork but now comes the time to start raising the money we will need over the next few months. Sounds insane but totally possible when we are fully faithful and rely on God. We will be doing a few t-shirt fundraisers in a few weeks online too and also a yard sale in both June and August. So start saving your stuff to donate now. Don't forget the big items as well. Every penny made will go towards our adoption costs.