Friday, December 11, 2009

We are accepted!
We have officially begun the paper chase(our agency is American World Adoption Association) and we could not be happier!  God is good!  We are all so excited to take this next journey.  We are so excited to see God move within the hearts of our family and friends.  Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog and share any thoughts you might have.  I am posting some answers to some questions that have been asked frequently.  Have a blessed day!

WHY-International adoption has always been on our minds and an idea we tossed around.  God began to do his work in us.  Why not?  We have room in our hearts and home? God places unique desires and callings in his servants.  We are certainly open to whatever God has called us to, god has layed Africa on our hearts.  We are thankful God calls us to different tasks so we can be an effective force for his kingdom.  Children in all countries are created by God.  There is no border. The other kids are so excited about this.  They just want a lot more.   The love of a family is more important than color.  We will celebrate the diversity of us all. 

COST-International adoption is very costly.  We firmly believe that God provides in full for whatever he has called his people to do.  Every penny of this adoption is coming from HIM.  Our God is a faithful awesome God!