Thursday, September 27, 2018

Haiti here we come...

We will be out of commission for awhile...
please keep the prayers coming...
Please keep us strong mentally, physically and spiritually.  Give us safe travels, energy and enthusiasm and an ability to be flexible when plans change.

 May we be true ambassadors for Christ through our actions both on and off the job, both with those we serve and with our fellow team members.
We pray that this trip will be extremely successful in strengthening the faith of every team member.  Increase our trust in You as we leave our responsibilities and worries about our families and lives back home in Your watchful care.
  As we see and experience different ways of life, give us new perspective on our lives and about the things that really matter most.  Give us the joy of service.  Strengthen our faith and reliance on You.  Enable us to graciously and humbly receive small gifts of great magnitude given to us by those who have little yet who are moved to give sacrificially.  May each team member strongly feel Your Holy Spirit at work in us and through them.
Father, we ask that you bless the mission project, the team members and leaders, those we serve and the team member’s families back home.  
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to actively work in a meaningful way in Your wonderful Kingdom.
Love serving Jesus this way.
Help us be the  hands and feet for your glory.

thank you for being part of this journey with usπŸ˜‚

Monday, September 24, 2018

Last summer camping

We love Peninsula state park.  Our favorite.  This time Auntie Annie got to surprise the kiddos and come along for a few days too.

I think this little star would fish every day if he could.  There is never a bad time to go fishing for him.  🎣🎣🎣He loves everything fishing.  He would love to go on a boat someday.  

Auntie Annie treated us to ice cream for lunch 3 days in a row...Woohoo!!!

My kiddos are always messing with my phone...

Some kiddos love the Reese's s'more, the fudge stripe one or just the plain old s'
more.  Love different ideas for these little magic treats!

This sweet little grandpa had camp setup always with 2 chairs.  We never saw anyone with him the whole time he was there.  If you know me and my love for grandpas and grandmas, I decided to go meet this little man.  Quite a story he had.  His wife has been gone  4 years now and he always sets up his camp pretending she's with him.  He said she never liked biking so she walks while he rides.  He even had a cup of coffee poured for her.  This makes my heart skip a beat.  
So darn sweet.😒

We found Abraham's twin...

Thank you for the gift card Grandma Mimi and Papa Julio!

Thank you everyone for this trip!  We couldn't of done it without all of your wonderful gifts.
We had so much fun and have soooo many wonderful memories!

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