Tuesday, October 31, 2017

last camping trip for the year

Oh how we love camping.  Peninsula, Devil's Lake are our favorite places to make some memories.  We love Point Beach in the fall as well. 
(lots of pictures)

this little lady was painting from the tree

lots of football and volleyball

loved walking with my older 3 in the mornings and catching this

we never saw these before..

they made this awesome fort, collected apples and had crazy apple fights

it's a lot of fun when it pours right before you leave

plenty of weapon storage

hot cocoa in the coffee pot for fall camping is the BEST!!

this guy loves the leaf blower

Thank you for all the fun memories!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

because life is full and busy lately

Pearl is growing such lucious hair...

thank you for the jammies Grandma mimi

goodbye to great volleyball season

 officer Gabe is in the house

taking 5 to the dentist and only came out with 1 cavity is excellent

loving on others with some meals is how we role... 

my kale is crazy..

they all pretty much went for meat this time with their festival finds


You don't have to know how to do it all
You just have to chose to be all here, right where you are
His grace meets you in the moment and you will miss it if you are worrying about future moments
live in the moment and you get a momentous life!

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