Thursday, August 31, 2017

Love Covers

Thank you for the festival cards...we've been having a harder time getting there since we were not in Sheboygan much this summer.  They love making special trips there for goodies!

Abraham is seriously cracking us up with his photo taking skills..hes got such cute little knee caps

protein pancakes...squash and eggs and some seasonings.   So delicious!

Odin's thumb is doing great.  The oil we've been applying to it is working great and takes the pain away way better than Tylenol/codeine.  Amazing!

Gabriel gathering the goods from the garden...

My kiddos love perler beads.  so do the kiddos I babysit.  This is what happens when Abraham dives in.  So thankful the bigs cleaned it up.

I keep putting these things away and he keeps pulling them out.  Grandma Mimi he loves the new ones but he seems to alternate wearing the old with the new.

 this little star loves him some beats. 

We are so blessed to go camping. It's a wonderful gift. This is the tent set up for the boys.  One more bed on the other side that you cannot see.  Thanks for the mat Cheri!

This was a big first for this momma. Yup forgot tooth brushes for everyone but Jonah brought his own.  The pouch I put them in I left on the table when we left.  We scored and found 6 toothbrushes for $3.

Serious fun swimming in these waves.  I thought everyone was going to drown.  This momma is not a swimmer. I had to walk away from the scene.

All the bigs kept arguing over who's gonna pull these 2 little stars.  They loved the bike rides.  

This Steeler fan sitting in the rain trying to listen to the Steeler game on the radio...devoted fan

So many memories and so much fun.It's been a crazy busy week here and have a crazy busy weekend. Have a wonderful rest of your week and get ready for fall!

Love covers, mercy triumphs, and grace saves.

Monday, August 28, 2017

goodbye August

Olivia made this cute little shirt for Gabriel.  Big kids hand prints are on the back...she's kind of like a fun camp counselor

Olivia has been taking pictures of her friend amongst the flowers outside.  She has been making clothes for her out of our old fabric which has been fun to see what she  puts together.

I think it's always a race to the mailbox for all the kiddos.  This is what Odin received this week.  He told Harrison Ford what movies he liked and he got a picture from all of them.  He was super stoked!

Abraham is learning to be a photographer too now. 
 Love the leg shots.

give him little jobs and he loves to help

snuggling on the couch and reading is huge in this house.  All day, any day you will find someone reading in this house.

This is one of my favorite stupid movies.  Dave and I watched it the other night and we were dying of laughter.  She is one of my leading ladies!

We are so blessed...thank you for loving our family!

Putting this little star down is always an adventure.


Everyone loves to lay by Abraham on the floor.  They all like to smother him in love and kisses.  Watch out...he'll scream at you if he wants you to move.   

Olivia loves to make these. 
 She came up with it all on her own.  
Love her heart.

He keeps saying potty so here we are....  Big brother and little brother.
This is so darn cute!

I am not a park fan at all and neither are some of my kiddos.  We managed and had fun with the littles there though.  The bigs were pretending they were crazy ninjas climbing and jumping everywhere.

Nerf style hunger games.  So much fun with some friends.

His hair is getting crazier and oh so beautiful!

Olivia is having so much fun face painting everyone including the neighborhood kiddos.  

Thanks for all the clothes Marylynn...Abraham passed out watching Odin try on the clothes.

We have our first kid injury this year.  Playing a nice game of flag football and Odin broke his thumb.  I ended up taking him to the walk in and he snapped it in half right at the knuckle.  We saw an orthopedic surgeon and at first it looked like surgery but we will see in 4 more weeks what it looks like.  He broke it above and below the growth plate.

When we do laundry this is what goes on in the laundry room.  I pull it out of the dryer and these 2 are chatting with me about life.  Meanwhile the laundry waits to be folded in the cubby.

My frosting helpers....

This guy rocks the apron...

Finishing up all of our school stuff for the year.  I'm thinking we are all set to go.  We have lots of changes going on this year.  We will start tomm. with ice cream for breakfast as usual.  Hope you all have a great end of August and a fresh new start for fall!
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