Monday, March 20, 2017


Odin had to write a report on Marie Antoinette for school.  This guy loves research and history like his father but not the writing part.  We have a very heavy history curriculum which the kids gobble up.  Lots of reading daily.

Miah's giraffe from art class. 
 This little star doesn't really like to draw much so this was big for him and he did a great job.

a few more sharpie drawings from the big boys

Olivia loves watercolors and messing with water and colors from any source

Thank you for the gift cards again.  The kids have so much fun picking things out and budgeting in their little books.  They were in such a hurry to eat what they got so i  only snapped this one.

Olivia is such a good sister and will make a wonderful momma some day.  She loves' taking these little guys to story time at the library.  She is always coming up with crazy play time ideas that they just love.

Jonah has been really into concocting different things to eat and coming up with new ideas.  He's quick to search pinterest for something new to eat every day.  

This mushy and pretty stuff is so much fun for everyone in our house.  They love to create with it.  After Gabe gets a hold of it there is no more separated colors.  Throw the OCD out the door!  Yes it makes a mess but it's well worth it.  They are always having food competitions with their creations.  The funfetti stuff is the best!!

Bad picture but Gabriel went to Mexico last week and loved it.  Abraham loved his sombrero!

Thank you for reading and stopping by.

We will be tied up for a bit here at campfunk so I will post when I can.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

It's been one year....

You know how sometimes God asks you to do the very thing that scares you the most?  You know how we sometimes say stuff like, "I want to let God be in control, really I do. 
 But what if God makes me do this or that?"
Then realizing what we've done we say, " Just kidding, God," because we know the minute we tell God what we don't want to do, it's as if God takes special note of that and somehow works it into our lifetime schedule of events.
We talk about God sized dreams and living radically for God a lot in our family and sometimes I get lost in the dreamy prospects of all the things we come up with.  But if I'm honest, I have to tell you that a God sized dream will push you to the very edge of your comfort zone.  

And it won't always stop there.

Here's the thing about the terrifying parts of following God and those God sized dreams.  Even though you're so afraid, you think you might pass out or even throw up at the same time, right where you stand, God is good , and God is in control.  
God has a plan, and God invites us to join him on the journey of seeing that plan come to pass.  God wants us to be part of making that happen.  

I think, sometimes, it's as if God is jumping on a trampoline.  He's having so much fun, he wants to share the joy, so God reaches out a hand and says, "come join me."

Some of us climb up next to god right away, others calculate the risk and hang back a little.  Then there are some of us who have to be pushed up onto the trampoline from behind-our friends cheering us on as we take unsteady steps across the trampoline's bouncy bed. 
 No matter how we get there, there comes a point where passing out and throwing up seem to be the only options. 

That's how I felt when we got the call about Abraham. Really?  Us?  This has been something he put on our hearts 6 years ago?  Now?  We have no money and a ton of medical debt and we have a few hours to give you an answer?  

All I can tell you with absolute clarity that God is faithful. 

 What God begins, God will see through to the end.  

God's dreams and invitations are spectacular. 

 They catapult you beyond your wildest imagination and leave you trying to catch your breath.
You might want to pass out, run, or throw up.  You might find yourself looking for a way out.  

But hang in there.  

Keep pressing on. 

 God isn't finished, yet. 


This has been one wild journey but so worth it in every way.

God has moved mountains and dug some deep trenches.

The mercies of God cannot and will not fail and his faithfulness is unwavering.

 God is completely amazing!

When we are weak, our God is strong.

He makes beautiful things out of us.

During those difficult times we grow.

 Each new challenge builds strength and character.

These are the moments that make it all worth it. 

 These are the moments that I hold on to.



Thank you all for being part of Abraham's adoption journey. 

Thank you  for all the prayers and for loving our family the way you do!

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