Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy 11th
Birthday Olivia!
(grab a cup of coffee)
lots of pictures..she lives life loud
part 1 

Now the older kiddos are so excited because they are13,12,11
wishing Jeremiah was a 10 instead of 9.
I remember it was insane having 4 kiddos in diapers!

Olivia, you were colorful from the start
you are such a free spirit just like your mama
never had a care about what anyone else thought
you can't wait for the day to be a mom to 10 kids
your prayers were answered with another brother
you have a heart for kids, babies and loving on others
you love pancakes and celery
your a nail biter, a light spreader,
 you love reading, crafts, baking, constructing anything out of everything
dancing to Toby Mac, Jamie Grace, Brit Nicole, I am They, Rend Collective,  and Hillsong
you are on fire for the Lord
and oh so creative

 we love you so much

you have the chubbiest cheeks ever

love this picture of you 3 

a ninja from the start

it took you forever to grow hair...

we love popcorn in this house

you would pick marvel heroes over dolls and dresses any day.  thank goodness I'm not girly

catching frogs

Love all this smooshyness

crazy weird child...weird is a side effect of being awesome I always tell the kiddos.

loves to seriously wrestle just as much as she loves lip gloss


we love wigs in this house

Legos in the rain

can you feel the excitement of having another brother

we love Darth Maul

and another brother that she waited almost 7 years for.

She's a roller skating crazy girl!

Believe it or not..that is my old shirt.  I should've kept more of my clothes for her.

 You are changing right before our eyes and I just want to pour into you and invest in you.  I want you to know that just being you will always be just enough for God.  He wants you to just be.  I want you to know you are beautiful because God created you and there is no else like you.  God looks at your heart and adores that.  He is crazy about you and and in hot pursuit after your heart.  I want you to know that being compassionate, kind, generous and loving is far more important than being smart or pretty and having all kinds of things.  We will do our best keeping you pure and innocent.  God designed you to step out and change the world and you are not ours to keep. 
He has his plans for you.  
He intricately and purposefully designed you.  
What an honor Dave and I have.   
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